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Have the most
well rounded workout in the gym.
Winner of this years TOP 5 BEST WORKOUT SYSTEMS and #1 Selling Mediball A 3rd YEAR IN A ROW!
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Additional 2 Mojo Mediballz & Complete
Workout System
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  • Easy to transport
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Perfect for all fitness levels
  • Individual or partner workouts
  • Simple exercises with fast results
  • Proven to work and proven to last
  • Works out the entire body
Your strength radiates from your body core in the shape of a ball, So why would you not work out with a ball?
Steps 1, 2, 3 – How to meet people with Mojo Mediballz
Bring one set of Mojo Mediballz to the gym and read “partner workouts” in the Mojo Mediballz exercise guide.
Set up a small area close to a person you want to get to know, but without being in their way.
Suggest to the person, “Hi, Hello, sorry to interrupt your workout, but I know this great exercise with medicine balls that requires two people. It’s not very difficult, but it’s really great and kind of fun.
Your workouts will be a ball with Mojo Mediballz!
Hurry! This offer is NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES!
REAL TESTIMONIALS! Real People, Real Results!
Jenny Q
"Me and weights don't get along. I've tried. Many times. My personal trainer told me to forget weights and use Mojo Mediballz so I could have a dynamic, fulfilling and fun workout. Within weeks my arms were noticeably toned, my abs were solid and I felt much more energized and quicker on feet in the gym and outside of it."
Claude V
"I find it difficult to get to the gym. After work, it's the last thing I want to do. I've started so many gym memberships and cancelled as many that I thought working-out was hopeless for me. I started using Mojo Mediballz at home and everything changed. They come with a mat, a carry bag, instructions and a personal trainer DVD. I just pop in the DVD after work and have a ball, so to speak, for thirty minutes. They're the most rewarding exercises I've ever experienced."
Limited Time Only
Not Available in Stores!
+7.95 S&H
Additional 2 Mojo Mediballz & Complete Workout Kit - Not Available in Stores!
*Just pay separate fee